Unlock you story and
Empower your audience

Our mission is to help purpose driven entrepreneurs get discovered 
so they can impact more lives. 


It All Starts with You

At BrandYou we help purpose driven entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, and influencers make a massive impact on the world. If you’re looking for a corporate style video you are on the wrong website. We create of a one kind brand stories that share your true story to the world. We want connect and relate to your audience on a whole different level.

The problem is you haven't found an effective way to connect with your ideal audience

Here’s How We Do It

At BrandYou, we know that you want to make a massive impact on the world. We understand how hard it is as a serial entrepreneur and/or coach to run a business and create an engaged online audience. That’s why we’ve developed a three-step process to help you unlock your story, share it with the world, and empower your audience to connect with you on a deeper level.

Unlock Your Story

We begin by listening to you and getting to know what drives you. By doing this, we can help you develop your story to its full potential and showcase what makes you unique.


Next, we capture you in your element. We work with you to create high-quality video content that showcases your story and connects with your audience.

Empower Your Audience

Finally, we help you share your powerful story with the world. By doing this, you can connect with your audience on a deeper level and inspire them to take action. We empower your audience to believe in your message and support you on your journey.

Let BrandYou Help You Unlock Your Story and Empower Your Audience to Connect with You on a Deeper Level. Book a Call Now to Get Started.